Useful Resources

Here are a few helpful links to plan your move and set yourself up in London:-


Cost of living - compare cost of living in different cities around the world

Exchanging money

Where to live (search for properties by commute time or station)

Finding accommodation - property portal for rentals and buying - another property portal with a good tool to help you decide where you want to live - the UK's most popular classifieds site with a good selection of rentals and room shares - the UK's most popular house share website - another great flat/ house share website - website offering flat shares and flat rentals

Getting around - Transport For London website - helpful website and app providing bus, train and tube maps - main web portal for booking train tickets around the UK

Setting up utilities - utilities price comparison site

Applying for a National Insurance number

Getting a UK driving licence

Great places to hang out  (great pub popular with Kiws and Aussies)  (Aussie coffee shop)  (Antipodean sports bar) (international sports bar) (Aussie café) (Kiwi café) (Fulham pub popular with Kiwis and Aussies) (A Kiwi/Aussie institution)

Places to buy Kiwi & Aussie stuff (online shop selling all your Aussie and Kiwi favourites) (good selection of news and magazines from down under) (NZ coffee van) (great NZ burgers) (NZ wine – yum!)

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