Why It Pays To Contract

Benefits of London IT Contracting

If you've never contracted before, you may be wondering if it's the right move for you, especially in a new country. Still, with a little effort and the right help, it can be a highly rewarding career and lifestyle decision.

Here are some of the reasons to try IT contracting in the UK:

1) You'll earn more money, quickly.

We all know how important money us. If you're coming over on your O.E. and need money for travel, or just need to save money quickly, IT contracting will maximise your earnings potential. Often, you can make the same money contracting in 6-7 months than you would in 12 months in an equivalent permanent job. Great if you fancy taking a few months of once your contract ends! Plus, we will help you secure better paid contracts helping you earn money even faster. Our London IT contractors can earn around £200-£500+ per day.

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If you're concerned about the admin side of contracting because you don't understand the UK tax system or regulations, we can help. As a UK contractor, you have two options.
i) Work for an umbrella company as a PAYE employee. This option is great if you want to avoid the hassle of sorting out tax returns and processing your own invoices. The disadvantage is you pay slightly more tax. However, our UK IT contractors can still deduct subsistence expenses for food and work travel. Usually an umbrella company charges a monthly fee, but we offer umbrella services to all our contractors for free.

NB - as of April 2017, all public sector contracts now require you to work as a PAYE employee under an umbrella company.

ii) Set yourself up as a Limited Company contractor. This option enables you to minimise your tax. We offer access to financial advice with free Limited Company set up to all contractors earning over £250 per day.

NB - to minimise tax responsibilities, Limited Company contractors will need to ensure they operate outside of the IR35 financial regulations. We are happy to provide free advice on this.

If you're arriving and contracting in the UK for the first time, we will give you free advice on how to claim up to £8,000 in tax breaks to cover relocation expenses.

Finally, if you're worried about missing out on other employee benefits we offer access to financial advisors who can help you set up pensions, health insurance and any other money matters that need organising.

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2) You'll have more freedom and flexibility to enjoy life

Unlike permanent roles where you may have 20-25 days holiday per year,  contracting enables you to choose when and where you work and take plenty of time off. Many Kiwis and Aussies coming over on their working holiday like to work for 3-6 months then take some time out for seeing Europe or visiting family back home. It basically gives you much more freedom to do the things you enjoy and not feel tied down.

When you contract with us, we will give you access to our online jobs portal with UK IT contract jobs listings from over 4,000 recruiters. This gives you the freedom to start looking applying for your next IT job from anywhere, helping to avoid unwanted void periods between contracts.

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3) You'll have more control over your career

Many UK/ London IT contracts are 3-6  months in duration. This gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of different roles and work places. So you can quickly work out what suits you, and what doesn't. Compare this with permanent roles where if you're not happy, it's hard to leave within two years without your CV looking patchy.

This makes it much easier to control your career path and the skills you wish to develop.

Obviously, planning your career as a contractor takes a little self-discipline as it's easy to get seduced by recruiters and take a contract below your expectations or that isn't quite what you're looking for. We offer free training on how to succeed as a UK contractor plus advice on contract selection to help you secure roles matched to your career ambitions.

All of our contractors receive ongoing coaching to manage your career development. In permanent roles, it is often difficult to secure training and accumulate different skills quickly. We will encourage you to actively develop your skills by helping you choose subsequent contracts that enable you to quickly advance your career. After your first contract, you will also be eligible for training subsidies to enable to to advance your career in the direction you choose - either by further specialising in certain skills or by expanding your current skills-set.

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Fancy giving contracting a try? Have any further questions? Please get in touch, we'd love to help.

If you're still unsure about contracting, why not consider our UK IT consultancy role, which combines the flexibility and earnings potential of contracting with the benefits of being a permanent employee.


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