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Finding A UK IT Job

UK IT Jobs SalaryIf you're looking for an IT job in the UK, whether as a programmer/ developer, tester, security expert or another IT role, we are here to help you find the right job quickly.

Founded in 2010, to date we have a 98% success rate in finding work for our New Zealand and Australian candidates. 

If you have (or are eligible for) a valid UK visa or EU passport and have 2+ years commercial IT experience, we can help you. 

We offer:-

SEND US YOUR CV so we can advise you on current UK IT job opportunities matched to your skills and ambitions

Finding suitable IT jobs in the UK can be hard work. Unlike New Zealand and Australia where there are only a handful of IT recruiters, the UK has over 11,000, making it challenging to get in front of all the best agencies. We have access to jobs from over 4,000 of these.

Whilst it may feel easy to apply for roles posted on IT jobs boards, it's important to know that approximately half of all UK IT jobs (and often the better ones) aren't even advertised. We will help you network and find these.

We take great care of all our candidates and pride ourselves in finding you work that matches your skills and ambitions. We will also help you achieve your maximum earnings potential enabling you to make the most of your overseas experience.



Current contracting opportunities and rates

Want to know what opportunities are out there? Find out about current UK IT jobs available
Want to know how much you could be worth as a UK contractor? Explore current IT contracting rates here.

Why try IT contracting in London?

Unsure about whether contracting is the kind of UK IT job you're looking for? Check out our helpful guide on why it pays to contract

How to start out and succeed as a UK IT contractor

New to contracting, or unsure how things are different in the UK? Find out about our free Job-Ready Services that will give you the tools and know-how to become successful.


Unique permanent UK IT job opportunities

Do you prefer the idea of being a permanent employee? Then our UK IT consultancy roles may suit you well. These roles combines the flexibility of contracting with the security of being a permanent employee. No previous consultancy experience is required, you just need 2+ years relevant IT experience and a great attitude. And for those who like to plan ahead, we are usually able to provide successful applicants with a job offer before they leave home.

Current positions available: 

  • Software Developers including those with C#, Drupal, PHP, Java, .NET experience
  • Testers with automation experience
  • Web Developers
  • Oracle DBA / Developers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Infrastructure Engineers
We can also offer UK IT sponsorships to those with the right skills who have successfully completed a contract with us. This could be a great option if you wish to extend your stay in the UK after your Youth Mobility Visa expires.  

If you are already over 30 and/or have already completed your 2 year working holiday, we will be reintroducing our sponsorship programme this summer (2019). To qualify, you must have 3+ years IT experience in a skills shortage area. Please visit our sponsorship page for further details.


NB We specialise in helping New Zealanders and Australians, but can often help other international job-seekers with western experience who speak fluent English.