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11 tips for finding your ideal UK IT job

Written by Olivia Prentice on January 17th, 2018.      0 comments

Find UK IT job - job search tips
Is it your New Year's resolution to find a new IT job in the UK?

If so, we're here to help. It can be daunting finding work in a new country, so we've provided a few UK job search tips to help you get the role you really want. Happy job hunting!

  1. Develop clear career goals. Take time to work out where you want to take your IT career in the UK, what skills you can offer, and how to position yourself. This will help you determine the specific job you really want and help you get it. It’s easy to arrive in the UK with a ‘let’s see what happens’ mindset and then end up drifting into a role that makes you unhappy and doesn’t advance your career.

  2. Work out if you want to contract or take a permanent IT job.  Each of these will have big implications for your income, tax, and how much time you can take off for travelling. For more info on contracting see Why It Pays to Contract.

  3. Adapt your CV so that your skills and experience line up with the job you are applying for.  Many UK IT roles are for big companies who are looking for specific skills and experience rather than a jack of all trades, especially in IT contracting roles.

  4. Be aware that many CVs in the UK don’t get read. Often, they will be graded by software rather than humans. Your CV therefore needs to contain keywords fitting the IT role you are interested in. These keywords need to represent your relevant skills and experience that will enable you to excel in the job. Be as specific as possible.

  5. Ensure you have an updated LinkedIn profile as some employers prefer to read about you online. LinkedIn is fast becoming the go-to resource for recruitment in the UK.

  6. Understand your true market worth. Do your research so you don’t position yourself too high or too low. Potential earnings can vary substantially depending on whether you are in a contract or permanent role. Generally, UK IT contractors earn significantly more than they would in an equivalent role on a permanent salary. View the current UK IT contractor rates.

  7. These days IT jobs in the UK are offered mainly via recruitment agencies so you need to understand how they work. It’s important to remember that recruiters work for employers, not you. They are incentivised to fill roles quickly and according to employers’ budgets and requirements.

  8. Be wary about accepting the first job you are offered. A recruiter might sell it to you as your ideal job but make sure you are not underselling yourself. Whilst it may be tempting to start earning money quickly, it may damage your CV and mean that it takes you longer to achieve your career goals.

  9. Look for opportunities to network with agencies and people in your industry. Getting in front of people is the best way to make sure you are remembered. This is very important as approximately half of all UK IT jobs are not advertised.

  10. Before accepting an offer, ensure you will be working through a reputable agency. If you are contracting, this is especially important as you don’t want to be chasing others to get paid. Look for online reviews.  To offer peace of mind, UK IT Careers offers a free contract checking service and credit check for all our UK IT contractors.​​​​

  11.  Get some career coaching. If you’re keen on advancing your IT career in the UK we can quickly get you moving in the right direction. We offer free career coaching and mentoring to all our UK IT contractors and consultants. Get started with a free New Year career consultation via Skype - book here.





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